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  Lessons and Jam Sessions for All!

First Lesson Free!

Make an appointment and come on over!  Meet Robin and check out the studio. 

Let's talk about what you want to learn and how we can achieve your musical goals together. 

Then you can try out some instruments and we'll jam. Bring your family or friends and they can play, too!

Regular Session: September to June

Book a regular weekly lesson and get the support to make your music come to life. 

Learn to read the music or tablature for your favorite songs. 

Get help with your technique, so playing your instrument becomes easy and enjoyable. 

Find out how music is constructed, and use that knowledge to improvise and compose your own music.  

Transfer your musical skills to other instruments, and start jamming with other musicians.

Summer Lessons   

Take advantage of the summer and the valuable free time and extra energy!

Challenge yourself to try new instruments, styles, or techniques.  Write your own music.

Get family and friends together for a jam session.

The options are unlimited, and it's easy to book studio time.

Drop-In Jam Sessions  

All year long there are drop-in jam sessions and workshops. 

No experience needed; just come willing to listen and play! 

Contact us to find out what's happening this week.

Let's all jam! Write your own music!
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