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Let's All Jam!

Starting jamming with your friends and family, the easy way! 


Learn about the basic elements of music:  rhythm,  melody, and harmony. 

Use color-coded pictures to learn chords and the major and minor blues scales.

Start your own jam sessions, using simple rules for success, and create your own music. 


Hover over the pictures below for a sneak preview.  


It's easy!  It's fun! It's creative!  Learn how you can play your music for life!


 All digital copies are just $10 Canadian, in .pdf format, for use on all of your devices.  

Or get the beautiful and durable hard copy.  Designed for many years of music making,

it features top quality paper, ink, waterproof covers, and spiral binding. Just $30!

We use Paypal, to make it easy and secure for you to shop. 

Orders are processed speedily, so you can get to making music right away!


Questions? Email Robin, and she'll be happy to help!




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