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Welcome to the Play Music for Life Studio.
       The Goal


It is my mission to create tools, teach skills, and provide inspiration so that everyone can play music for life. Yes, everyone! I believe that everyone can participate in music making, and all the fun is in figuring out how!

       Learn In Harmony


The studio is a warm and welcoming place, open to people of all ages and abilities.  Relax, feel free to express yourself, get to know other musicians,  and know that I am here to support your musical dreams. 

 The Future Sounds Good


Let's create a growing community of musicians who share music .  Let's  teach each other skills, share our ideas, and inspire each other to create fresh new music and re-interpret the classics of the past.


Let's all 
play music for life!
Meet Robin McKenzie, who would like to help you play music for life. Let's all jam!
 Robin McKenzie   

About Robin


I have been in love with music my whole life, and I have been playing for 40 years.

I have always enjoyed a very wide range of musical styles and I've enjoyed many opportunities to explore instruments and traditions of many cultures.  I started with electronic organ (it was the 1970s) and moved on to a lifelong love of piano. In school band I played trombone, and explored trumpet, french horn, tuba, and sousaphone.  In my twenties, I got a job in a music store, fell in love with the huge world of guitar music, and began to play woodwinds and drums, while learning a great deal about practically every other instrument. 

I love to share my love of music with everyone I meet, and to help them explore and discover their own musical possibilities.


These days I'm practising piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, voice, and cello. 


I would love to hear from you!

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