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Do You Want to Learn to Jam? 

Yes, you can!


Let's All Jam! will teach you about rhythm, melody, and harmony, and how these elements work together to create great music.  


Use color-coded pictures to quickly and easily find the chords and scales you can use in a key, along with some basic rhythms.


Follow the guidelines for a great jam, and in no time at all you will be having fun and creating your own music!


Piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele books are all designed to work together. 

Drummers and percussionists can use the rhythm information in any of the books.

Let's All Jam! is now available in print or digital format.


All digital books are just $10 and come as a .pdf file, so you can use it on all your devices. 

Or you can enjoy the beauty and durability of the vivid colour book, which features high quality colour print pages,  spiral binding, and a tough clear plastic cover. $30 plus shipping. 

Find out how easy it can be to create your own music with your family and friends, today!

Click on any item below to see features or go straight to our store.  Questions? Robin will be happy to help. 

Let's All Jam! Piano
Let's All Jam! Guitar
Let's All Jam! Bass
Let's All Jam! Ukulele
Let's All Jam! Play piano in C major and A Minor Blues
Let's All Jam! Guitar C major and A minor Blues
Let's All Jam! Bass C Major and A Minor Blues
Let's All Jam! Ukulele C Major and A minor Blues
Yes, You Can! Play Music for Life!
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