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Explore musical possibilities on all kinds of instruments.

Try many, 

learn a few, 

play them all!

So many instruments, so little time!  Luckily, life is long. 

Now is the perfect time to start exploring your musical possibilities.

Start with the instrument that interests you most.

Then apply your knowledge and skills to other instruments.


Play piano, learn to read and improvise.



Go ahead and tickle the ivories!  Learn to improvise, read music, and compose.  Explore different styles of music: pop, rock, blues, jazz, classical, and world.  Learn all about rhythm, scales, and chords. Jam with other musicians.

Play guitar. Learn your favorite songs and learn how to jam.



Learn how chords and scales work together. Discover the secrets of rhythm  and solo playing, so you can jam with other musicians. Learn how to read tablature and find tabs for the songs you love. Learn to listen carefully and use the techniques of your guitar heroes.

Learn to play drums and percussion. Keep the beat in a jam session!

Drums and Percussion


Learn to keep a beat,  create rhythms, and build a groove. Learn how to use the sticks or your hands in a relaxed way to create great sound and steady beats.  Learn to read rhythmic notation and drum charts.



Find out why the ukulele is the hottest instrument around these days! Learn to play chords and take solos on this mighty little instrument.  Try out strum patterns and find out how to use them while you sing or play with others. Learn to read tabs and music notation so you can play all your favorite songs.


Have fun learning your band instrument.

School Band Instruments


Wondering which instrument to pick for band class? Need help getting a sound from your new instrument? Having trouble in class or confused about your theory homework? Do you need ideas for your next big solo?  I can help. Let's make band class FUN for you!

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