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Coronavirus Update:

 Studio OPEN, plus

lessons available online.

We want to keep each other safe and healthy, so we are making every effort to make the studio as safe as it can possibly be, while also offering online options.


We are wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, maintaining a safe physical distance, using a plexiglass screen,  and cleaning instruments and high touch surfaces between each musician. We are also running the IQAir Health Pro Plus air purifier, to keep the air as clean as possible. 


Zoom lessons are now available and we are creating music together on Soundtrap. It's easy, it's fun, and it's working better than anyone could have imagined!


Please keep playing music for your family and friends. Now is a wonderful time to experience the huge benefits of playing and hearing live music, as it enhances your physical and mental health, and calms and relaxes all listeners as well as players.


Use the time you have to create new music or explore new musical challenges. 

If you are interested in music creation software, email me for recommendations; I'll be happy to make suggestions based on your skill levels and interests.  I am really recommending Soundtrap these days, as it's really easy to use, fun, and allows for lots of collaborations with your friends. 

Email Robin with any questions or schedule your online lesson today! As we all have a little more time, I am able to fit a few more people in.


Today's a great day to start learning to play the music you love!

Check out our Facebook page.  We add new posts almost every day: inspirational performances from around the world, the latest research into the benefits of playing music, and musical humour. 




Play all kinds of instruments
Let's All Jam! Create music with your friends and family.
Play music for life, in our well-equipped, comfortable studio.

Bring your love of music to life!

Sign up for lessons, join a jam session,

or buy books to help you improvise and understand how music is made.

Start creating your music today!

Email now for a

FREE first lesson

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